Justin Tomlinson MP wishes success for Rugby themed Charity Initiative

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justin tomlinson MP supports Aramis Rugby charity initiative

Justin Tomlinson MP, Minister of State for Disabled People, Health & Work has welcomed the rugby themed charity initiative by Aramis Rugby based on idea by Ryan Mahajan in an effort to raise money for NHS and Hospice.

This Government is immensely proud of all of our hardworking healthcare workers, never more so than at this especially challenging time. They continue to be an inspiration every single day with their dedication and commitment.  I was, therefore, very touched to read about Ryan’s determination to support them.

After being inspired by Ryan’s idea, the design team at Aramis Rugby, based in South Molton, worked to create a rugby shirt and rugby ball concept which would include the rainbow colours, seen as a symbol of hope during the coronavirus and a sign of thanks to our healthcare heroes. 

“I felt bad that while we are safe inside our homes in lockdown, the healthcare workers were working to save lives, sometimes risking their own,” said Ryan, who is a keen rugby player for Barnstaple RFC Under-11s. “I want to raise a lot of money for healthcare workers as they don’t sometimes get to see their loved ones because of working in hospitals and hospices. I want to thank them for helping sick people and for helping us during coronavirus.”


Justin Tomlinson MP, was very supportive of the project and appreciated Ryan's determination. In a personally signed letter he said:

" Please pass on my admiration and very best wishes to him and let me know how he does".

The special, limited-edition rainbow coloured rugby shirts are on sale for £45, with the rugby balls at £25. You can even buy a set of four rainbow-themed face masks for £20. Every penny of the purchase price goes directly to charity, with the production costs all being absorbed by Aramis Rugby. Visit the Charity page here https://www.AramisRugby.co.uk/charity to get your hands on them now.