About us

Aramis Rugby - Rugby Balls, Rugby Training Equipment, Rugby Shirts, Rugby Shorts, Training tops, tracksuit, customised

The Name

The word ARAMIS is derived from the famous Three Musketeers characters, depicting the passion & team spirit of Rugby.

The Company

Established since 1927, the parent company of ARAMIS RUGBY Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of rugby equipment. We continue to supply majority of rugby sellers in Europe – be it Rugby Scrum Machine suppliers or Rugby Clothing suppliers. You might be pleasantly surprised to know that we manufacture for your current supplier!

We are now proud to be amongst the few UK manufacturers who own and run their own factories not only in England but also overseas in India. We hold one of the largest stocks of Rugby Training Equipment in whole of UK at our headquarters in Devon, England and we export worldwide.

Buy from the Manufacturer

Our buy-from-manufacturer approach is appreciated by Thousands of satisfied customers Worldwide at all levels - International Unions, Counties and Provinces, Universities, Clubs & Schools.

We believe that grass-roots level clubs and school do not have the funds to accommodate the hefty margins and mark-ups of all these "middle-men". It is in the interest of the Game of Rugby and the end-user if the goods can be directly bought-from-Manufacturers like us.

Personalised / Customised / Bespoke rugby items

Being manufacturers and not merely "suppliers", we are able to offer Personalisation of most items at short notice!

Be it Rugby Balls or Tackle Bags printed with your logo or developing a completely Bespoke product, we are uniquely positioned to offer this service to our customers at incredibly fast turnaround times. We have in the past manufactured and delivered customised rugby balls and clothing within 5 days from time of first call being made to us!

Now that is something your existing "supplier" can only dream of.    Anyone can make claims but can they deliver?    We can and we do!

Innovation & Technology

We are credited with the invention of many rugby products and hold world-wide patents to some of the most commonly used rugby goods in today's game.

We are constantly investing in latest technologies from around the world and have recently purchased a state-of-the-art, fully automated, Xenon Vacuum based Sublimation machine from a leading Italian Company to offer our customers in Europe, the leading edge in quality sublimated clothing.

Fancy a cup of tea ?

We are based in lovely & green North Devon. Why not pop over for a chat or a cup of tea. The kettle is usually boiling!