Aramis chosen to supply scrum machines for Hong Kong Sevens 2018

Posted by admin 21/12/2017 0 Comment(s) The ARAMIS brand,NEWS,

Aramis Rugby has been awarded the contract to manufacture scrum machines for use during the prestigious Hong Kong Sevens 2018 tournament.


Aramis won the contract fending off stiff competition from Chinese & Japanese firms. As part of the contract, Aramis will develop three bespoke digital scrum machines for use during the tournament. Each machine will be at a different physical location in the city and each will be capable of running a leader-board competition.


Each of the machines will take into account the body weight of the individual(s) to calculate the total force exerted. This will ensure that all three machines could be run in a composite competition that would compensate the difference in force extered due to an individual's body weight. These machines will display & record in real-time the forces exerted and will have satellite connectivity technology incorporated into each of them.



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